Lobbipad makes your office a more welcoming place to visit.

Smooth iPad check-in (even when offline)

As they enter a company’s lobby, visitors will see an iPad on a stand, which they can use to check in. They simply enter a few details (name, company, email address) and indicate the person they are visiting. The iPad will fully function in offline mode.

Instant host notification

The host is notified immediately by text message or email that a visitor is waiting in the lobby. The email also contains a photo of the visitor, so that the host can walk up and greet his visitor.

Visitor badge

Next, a wireless label printer prints a badge for the visitor to identify him/her. No computers or ugly cables required.

Detailed visitor logs

View an organized, accurate list of visitor traffic, complete with check-in time, photo, email, and other important details keeping you up to date at all times.

All plans have

All plans have unlimited visitor check-ins and connected iPads.
They are what we're all about, we will never limit that.

  • Dedicated account manager for all companies, big and small
  • Unlimited visitor check-ins
  • Unlimited connected iPads
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Visitor badge printing
  • Web dashboard
  • Admin roles
  • Visitor logs
  • Visitor photo capture
  • Custom iPad app branding
  • API access

Make your office a more welcoming place to visit.

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